DAVID BOWIE – Spaceman

January 10th, 2016 has marked the music world and those that were inspired by the incomparable, David Bowie.



Many people around the world have been, in a way or another, captured by the allure of such an artist and individual. His fashion and style made him one of a kind, and his music conveyed magical escapes to another world, to other galaxies, and dimensions.

I can recall hearing “Space Oddity” for the first time, I thought to myself, “who is this new artist?” not knowing that it was David Bowie. I only knew of him as a fashion icon, a super good looking guy that wore the most intricate, eye catching clothing, including dresses. I admired his look, and his unique beauty.

Suddenly, I was hooked trying to find more of his music. David Bowie was so eclectic, he could sing any genre of music, including this special Christmas tune…

Interestingly enough, (and thinking about it, sort of weird) earlier today my family and I were watching the movie “The Martian“, when I distinctly heard Bowie’s voice. I asked “is that David Bowie?!”, to which my brothers confirmed by responding with a “Yes!”. Here the tune “Starman”!!

It is heartbreaking that David Bowie had to depart so soon, may he rest in peace! My sincere condolences to the whole family, to his fans, and the whole music world. David Bowie left us with timeless music and memorable iconic moments that serve as a testament of his raw talent.

With all my love and respect,




First Week of 2016

This is the first week of 2016, and I am super excited for all the happenings thus far.

First, as a student, I am super happy because I am graduating with a bachelor degree in business administration and public policy this year. Secondly, I just got a new phone which will immensely help boost my productivity and creative endeavours.  Thirdly, I’ve learned so much last year, now more than ever, I feel in control of my life and everyday I look forward to the opportunities that arise from being patient and optimistic.

I am committed even more to share in this space,  my blog,  the best content to inform and  entertain, you.  My readers and the community deserve all my best this year, and that is one of my greatest resolutions.

Thank you for your continued support!



50th Anniversary – Watts Rebellion

The Watts Rebellion or the Watts Riots, marked the course of the community, nation and the world. Even thought I grew up in another country, the inequalities are the same. Today, images of the events in 1965 testify the degree of chaos during a time in which people were fed up and  united in  demand of equal treatment and opportunities.

During the 1960’s, there were many social movements that ignited in the country, these were usually against the corruption of the government, and the maltreatment of minorities and the disabled.

California State University Dominguez Hills, is honoring the history commemorating the Watts Rebellion that took place 50 years ago. This year-long schedule includes events that any one can attend.


Continue reading about the  The 1965 Watts Rebellion .

Thank you,

Claudia Ojeda

California State University Dominguez Hills History


Today, I stumbled across CSUDH campus’s historical timeline.  I had no clue that this was out there for everyone to view. Below a portion of my school’s history. I hope that this is interesting to you, as it is for me.  Thank you!

April 29, 1960

Dominguez Family

California State University, Dominguez Hills was founded in 1960; however, the campus sits on land that has a long and rich history. The university’s 346 acres were once a section of the first private land grant in Southern California—the Rancho San Pedro. Juan José Dominguez (1736-1809), a Spanish soldier, received the original grant of 75,000 acres in 1784 from King Carlos III of Spain. While much of the acreage has been sold and developed, portions remain in the possession of Dominguez descendants. The site chosen for the university was known as the Dominguez Hills, named after the family.


January 1, 1964

Architect A. Quincy Jones Designs Campus

The innovative and modernist architect, A. Quincy Jones, created a campus physical master plan in 1964 and oversaw the design of buildings and development of the campus until his death in 1979.


January 1, 1965

First Classes Held

In 1965, the university held its first classes at a temporary location in the California Federal Savings Bank in Rolling Hills Estates. The college was renamed California State College at Palos Verdes, and approximately 40 students enrolled and were taught by 11 faculty members, as well as administrators.

August 11, 1965 — August 17, 1965

Watts Rebellion

In 1965, the Watts Rebellion devastated a community and awakened the nation, bringing longstanding grievances and inequalities into the spotlight. The Watts uprising is considered by many to have been one of the key turning points in the African American Civil Rights movement, and has served to shape scholarly and public understanding of race rebellions and the development of race relations in the United States.


September 1, 1965

Dominguez Hills Site Selected

Following the Watts Rebellion, Gov. Pat Brown visited the area and determined that the Dominguez Hills site in the soon-to-be City of Carson would provide the diverse, mostly minority population in nearby urban neighborhoods with the best accessibility to a college education.


October 1, 1973

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Building

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) building opens with 34 labs, animal rooms, and full greenhouse.


October 24, 1977

Senator Joseph Biden Speaks on Campus

Sen. Joseph Biden visits campus and speaks to students in the University Theatre.


July 28, 1984 — August 12, 1984

CSUDH Hosts Cycling for L.A. Summer Olympics

The university was selected to host the cycling portion of the Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 1984 and a large outdoor velodrome was constructed on campus with the support of the Southland Corporation. Approximately 8,500 spectators came out to watch Olympic cycling events in the velodrome; the U.S. cycling team won nine gold medals.


February 1, 1985

Astronaut Sally Ride Speaks on Campus

In the winter 1985 quarter, Sally Ride, the first female astronaut, speaks on campus.


February 24, 1988

Magic Johnson Speaks on Campus

Lakers basketball champion Magic Johnson speaks on campus.


September 1, 1992

Loker Student Union Opens

Funded by a student approved fee increase and a pledge of $500,000 from Katherine B. Loker, the Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker Student Union (LSU), named in honor of the university’s long-time supporters, was opened in 1992.


June 1, 2003

StubHub Center Opens

The privately financed $150-million Home Depot Center (now named the StubHub Center) opens, providing the community with a world-class athletics and entertainment venue for soccer, tennis, track and field, and cycle racing. The complex includes a 27,000-seat soccer stadium and 8,000-seat tennis stadium that are also used for concerts and CSUDH commencement ceremonies. The facility kicked off its inaugural season with a premiere track event highlighted by 100-meter gold medalist Maurice Greene. The sports complex soon follows with major events in soccer, tennis, and beach volleyball.


May 15, 2007

Mildred García Named President

CSU Board of Trustees appoints Dr. Mildred García as seventh president of Dominguez Hills; she serves as the first Latina president of a CSU campus.



April 29, 2010

CSUDH 50th Anniversary; New Library South Wing Opens

On April 29, 2010, on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the university, the Library South wing opens—a new five-story 140,000-square-foot addition that features a state-of-the-art archives and research area, conference rooms, and art gallery.


May 6, 2014

CSUDH Earns Top Rankings in Media

CSU Dominguez Hills continues to broaden its ethnic and geographic base. The university ranked 33rd among 100 top colleges and universities in the country according to a 2014 Time Magazine ranking that assessed how well institutions serve students—placing the highest importance on graduation rates, tuition and percentage of students receiving Pell Grants.For the third year in a row, the Washington Monthly magazine ranked CSUDH among the top ten in the nation for “contribution to public good.” U.S. News & World Report’s 2013 annual “Best Colleges” ranks CSU Dominguez Hills 12th among the most ethnically diverse universities in the West offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


December 15, 2014

All-Steinway Distinction Bestowed on Campus

With the acquisition of 21 brand new Steinway-designed pianos, CSUDH became the first public four-year university in California to receive designation by Steinway & Sons as an “All-Steinway School.” The title added the university’s name to an exclusive roster of 170 conservatories, colleges and universities throughout the world.


March 27, 2015


CSUDH receives the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll Presidential Award for General Service.

Timeline Link

As I sit here…

I can’t help to recall my post looking forward to spring semester 2015.

I am sitting at my school’s lounge, drinking a Summer Wheat beer by Leinenkugel’s Brewing Company, (which, yes, it does smell like Fruity Pebbles!), TV is blasting Tom Brady’s scandal , and listening to Ariana Grande’s hit ! (…fuck me harder harder..ohh “LOVE me harder”).

The end of the semester has come! Finals week is here!! 

It has not been easy! Staying up late, taking days off to study, saying “NO” to so many events,and missing out on all the Long Beach FUN! However, I have learned so much about myself! I have discovered different aspects of my personality that I had never faced before. Fear, anger, sadness, happiness, excitement and hope have all been part of this wild roller coaster!!

I am forever grateful to have met the most interesting people during this semester, in and out from school. I have met people who have come into my life to enrich it and grow! I am inspired!!

I am looking forward to summer 2015!! (I would really like to learn how to swim!!) 😀

Thank you for keeping in touch and being part of this blog!

Claudia Ojeda

NATALIE GLASSON: Mary Magdalene: The Sisters of Cosmic Awakening

Thank you! Much Love!

Stroll Long Beach

Long Beach, California. Ever growing city filled with history and innovation.

During the last few years, downtown Long Beach has increasingly gained popularity. The city offers a diverse selection of restaurants, entertainment and beutiful landscapes to enthrall all.

Below are a few pictures of the art and buildings in downtown Long Beach.




Long Beach continues to attract many visitors from around the world.The development of the city makes Long Beach an attractive and promising community!

Thank you,

San Pedro 1/24/2015


Spring 2015

WoW!! 2015 already here!

My spring semester about to commence! Last sunday off from my winter break.

I am looking forward to another semester on my way to my
bachelor degree! I am so happy, yet anxious! I can’t wait to meet my classmates,my teachers, and everything that encompasses school! University life! 🙂

What once seemed like a distant dream, is slowly but surely materializing.

2015 has commenced on a sweet note. My resolutions, to live everyday to the fullest, do what makes me happy, and to recognise the love in every moment. 2015 is my year for adventure and realizations.


Watch “Anchorless @ Vets Fest” on YouTube

Anchorless @ Vets Fest: http://youtu.be/VecWFIdZ8B0

Veteran’s Skate Park, Carson CA.


Foosball, a little basketball, music and mosh!

I couldn’t help feel the exuberating vibes taking over my body. Especially with a crowd like the one last night. Below are a few pictures.






I’ve been enjoying my summer so far, these free shows testify the magnitude and impact of the local music scene. There are so many good bands out there! I am always amazed by the raw talent these passionate artist put on the table! Props guys!

Till next show,

Cámara Lenta – MXV010500044


Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows ~ July 7, 2014

Thank you For Sharing!


Lakshmi(Note From Fran: I was awakened suddenly from sleep a few nights ago to a presence similar to the image I post here, and it was Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, and when I asked why she was here, she replied and gave me the following message, which she said was for me, but I share it with you all as you may find it helpful also):

Message from Lakshmi:

Within you are the treasures you seek, dear one. For I come to awaken the joy within that is already there.

Find it within.  I am here to show you it is within.

Begin to manifest the treasures within, as they are already there, dear one.

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Mexico Day 3: Tlatelolco, La Basilica & Teotihuacan

Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco

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La Basilica De Guadalupe


A Day Like No Other

It’s your manifestation in present time

No, this is not a dream

Your essence is my clarity

It’s the way you walk

your contagious swag

A beautiful story entrapped in your eyes


I cannot wait to see you

I long for your touch, soft and delicate

I crave your lips, potion of instant ecstasy

I dream of that day

This manifestation in cyberspace

Timelessness, it’s you I am thinking of today


Boca del Cielo Bed & Breakfast. Santa Cruz, CA.

Boca del Cielo Bed & Breakfast. Santa Cruz, CA.


Not too long ago I wrote about Lions Amongst Wolves and their continued impact and influence in the underground music scene.

Tomorrow May 31, 2014, more than ten bands will be performing along side with L.A.W and sharing their vibes at the


Here is a list of the bands @ Gnar Fest :

Silent Planet



Run Lola Run

Face Your Maker

A New Challenger Approaches

Among The Bleak


Hollow Lights

On The Shoulders Of Atlas

Lessons In Murder

Lions Amongst Wolves

The Armless Ambidextrian

Rain Falls Grey

A Shark Among Us

See you there!
Norwalk United Methodist Church
near 13000 San Antonio Dr, Norwalk, CA

Mexico Day 2: Castillo De Chapultepec & Museum of Modern Art

Castillo De Chapultepec

The Castillo De Chapultepec was one of the most memorable sites I visited in Mexico City.

I had heard stories from my parents about their visit to Mexico Distrito Federal, when they were younger. They recounted their visit to the city and their experiences taking the metro. However, their accounts did not exalted the beauty of the Castillo de Chapultepec and its surrounding park. It is a patrimonial site in Mexico and a historical landmark in which the royal monarchy once reign. This castle was also the home and headquarters to many Mexican presidents and government officials.

The Castillo or Castle, is now a ghostly museum in which tales of period ghosts, like those of Maximilian I of Mexico and Carlota of Mexico, are said to remain roaming the long hallways.

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Museum of Modern Art (Mexico City)

The Museum of Modern Art  was located just a few minutes away from the castle. We were first greeted by the security and friendly facilitators that welcomed us to the museum. I was amazed by the decor, there was a conservative yet sophisticated atmosphere. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that this was Mexico.

The art displayed at this museum, shifted the way I correlated art and architecture. I feel that, in essence, art is life, life is creation.

I kept thinking to myself that the art displayed came from such creative minds, men and women. These artist were visionaries of a colorful and vivid world. I couldn’t grasp the concept of time. These pieces were timeless, there was no doubt that these artist were way ahead of their time.



It was truly a blessing to have had the opportunity to visit such sites. The below picture was taken at the exit of the Chapultepec Park. This was a memorable shot, I felt it was the perfect conclusion to our tour. Mexico is a country striving for development, they have such hard working and creative minds that continue to influence the city and its people.


This is one of my favorite shots. I was up on the second level, as I looked down, I noticed these workers on their break.

Mexico Day 1: Departure & Arrival

Took a red eye from LAX, within a few hours, my friends and I were in beautiful Mexico City.

We got to Mexico around 6am, just in time to see the sun rise. We took a break, and soon we embarked on our first sight to see.

1st site : Lake Xochimilco

After such relaxing evening, we got back to our apartment and took a nap. Thereafter, our appetite was such that we decided to hang out in our area for a late night dinner.

To End The Night …

@ Colonia Condesa

Ashtar: The Love Transformation. Channelled by Philipp. January 13, 2014

thank you for sharing!

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission


Ashtar: The Love Transformation. Channelled by Philipp. January 13, 2014.


 AshtarAndrew: After a gap of four months, Ashtar returns with a new message via Philipp concerning the Divine Mother’s ‘Tsunami of Love’ – or as Ashtar calls it ‘the Love Transformation.’ Ashtar commences his messages with an intro that is personal to Philipp, but on this occasion Philipp has requested that the personal intro be included …

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Rancho Los Alamitos Garden

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Rancho Los Alamitos: Historic Ranch and Garden

 It was a warm and sunny day, when I felt a rush of spontaneity in visiting the Los Alamitos Ranch. I asked my dad to accompany me, which to my surprise he accepted.  We pulled over to the guard, got access, and easily found parking. I remember a distinct silence, this peace, that for a second, I had complete had forgotten that we were in the busy town of Long Beach.  We were welcomed by grand trees and birds singing, as we entered what was once the sacred  home of honorable residents.

357 356 355 Ranch overseer 353 352 350

Rancho Los Alamitos is twice listed on the National Register of Historic Places – once as the sacred Tongva village of Povuu’ngna, the traditional birthplace of the native people of the Los Angeles Basin and, second, for the evolution of its significant historic landscape over time. The site includes traces of the ancestral village, an adobe-core ranch house ca.1800, four acres of lush historic gardens developed during the 1920s and 30s, and the restored working ranch barnyard of the early-mid 20th century.

Today Rancho Los Alamitos is 7.5-acres, a rare vestige of the original 300,000-acre Los Coyotes land concession given to Manuel Nieto in 1790 for his service on the Gaspar de Portolá expedition to California under the Spanish Crown. However, the story of Rancho Los Alamitos precedes these first newcomers, for the historic site is also part of the ancestral village of Povuu’ngna, the traditional place of origin of the native Gabrielino-Tongva people of the Los Angeles Basin, and still a sacred place…

I will never forget my visit to the ranch. Its rare I get a one-on-one, father and daughter time, so I was very happy to be there appreciating nature and history.

Lions Amongst Wolves

Last week I had the opportunity to check out Lions Amongst Wolves!

I couldn’t help but to think back to the years when I first started going to “rock” shows! I started going to back yard shows since 2003!

As my friends evolved in their music, so did my exposure to a wide range of music!

That night in Fullerton, I realized how far my friends have come! How far I’ve come…And the great achievements L.A.W has accomplished!

I was so happy to be there sharing a night, acknowledging how much we have grown and how much more we have ahead of us!

Wish Lions Amongst Wolves all the best in 2014 !!





Ascended 2014


“The dark cabal is flustered as it is forced to concede area after area of its former unfettered areas of power.

A new gold-based currency and new global banking laws will lead to the breakup of most super-large banking institutions. The near future for this reality is indeed bright!

your values are to redirect to transforming your beliefs in finite ends, and to alter them to what your Higher Self really desires. These things will mirror your true higher values and encourage the unity with others and the personal sovereignty that lies within.

This, we do in Joy! You are here to alter the very nature of this reality and to assist Gaia in her transition to full consciousness.

We are indeed in the time of “Miracles and Wonders!” Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Sheldan Nidle
Dec.31, 2013


Human Light

“From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.”



As I sit here, I ponder the thought of how much I have changed and experienced this year.

Some of the accomplishments I’ve made are transferring to university. I was also placed on a special assignment at work, which help me appreciate the production side of our product. Even though it has been somewhat of a challenge, I am truly happy for the opportunity of being involved in the project. Now that my assignment is about to complete (next Tuesday) I’m excited and I look back at how scared and nervous I was about taking on this job, but now I am so happy to say…


Employee and school involvement.

Employee and school involvement.

Volunteered as photographer! :-D

Volunteered as photographer! 😀


Signal Hill: in my eyes


There is something special about signal hill! I can’t describe the peace one is able to feel up at the top of the hill. There, a beautiful park welcomes all and greets each one with its breath taking sight.

Over looking Long beach,San Pedro, Wilmington, Los Angeles and far into the mountains, this site is considered one of the gems of our city. Not only was this a sacred site for the Tognva native people of this area, but also as the birth place for the industrial revolution.

This place was enriched with oil, which helped many aspiring business of the area prosper in this venture. Signal Hill has also been recognized as the birth of aviation here in southern California.

Enjoy these photos taken at the park and around the park .

Claudia Ojeda






San Pedro: Point Fermin Lighthouse


Pictures from historical lighthouse in San Pedro,California.



Phineas Banning, California

Phineas Banning

Phineas Banning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Pictures from recent visit to the Phineas Banning mansion.




The Essential Handbook of Victorian Entertaining


A Word to the Reader

“For our genteel Victorian ancestors, there was no such thing as casual entertaining. Theirs, after all, was a world in which a minor misstep could ruin a gentleman’s reputation – and even more definitely a lady’s. For better or worse, ignorance was no excuse for bad behavior, as the all-important rules of social intercourse were copiously codified in myriad books of etiquette.

[…] Married women were officially allowed to down five or six glasses of wine at a formal dinner, if they cared to do so, but the young and the single had to make do with three. […] we should remember that the Victorian preoccupation with etiquette grew over time, becoming more sophisticated from the simple desire to adhere to a moral code of  “do unto your neighbors as you would have them do unto you”… Who, after all, can argue against being kind to our fellow human beings? Well, ok, we all know a few louts who can, but to those few we simply say:

” You, sir, are no gentleman! You, madam, are no lady”

California: Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site

IMG_0007 (1024x791)

IMG_0002 (617x1024)

IMG_0006 (450x1024) IMG_0005 (409x1024)

Rancho Los Cerritos

Rancho Los Cerritos (Photo credit: hapinachu)

Dear Reader,

oh how i miss thee…

Hello all!!

It is with great happiness that i write this post on this lovely morning!

These past few weeks have been filled with blessings, great events, challenges, and great changes. I have had the pleasure of visiting so many local areas (which I cant wait to share pictures with you!). I just want to take this space, and a little of your time, to let you know that my commitment to share my world with you, strengths everyday. I think we are in a time that the internet and “free” communication rule cyberspace!   So much we can share…so much to love…so much to be aware of, and so many people to connect with. Now more than ever, I believe that we are in a time that is bringing forth great minds, great social movements, and great changes!!

One of those changes is getting my very own, and first, laptop!!! which will exponentially facilitate my communication with you. I have a about a week left before i go back to school, YIKESS!! I will follow up with a summary post of the highlights of my summer 2013!!!

I sincerely appreciate your interest, I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments,  as random as you might think they are, pleaaase, don’t hesitate and type away!!




one LOVE


Message June 23th, 2013

Message from MONTAGUE KEEN


“The plans to attack your internet could not be carried out, as good people shared their information worldwide, thus making it impossible for the Cabal to carry out its plans. It is important that you learn from this experience. Realise that you are not powerless. So many countries were aware of the plans to attack the internet. So the Cabal is finding it increasingly difficult to keep its plans secret.

By cooperating, coming together, and acting as a whole, mankind will survive. You do not need the Cabal for your survival. Their plans for humanity are horrific, but they are being exposed. Together, we can prevent them from carrying them out. Do not be taken in by their fine words, false displays of friendship, and the pretence of working for the good of humanity.

As the Irish Member of Parliament, Clare Daly, stated so eloquently, it is time to call it what it is. It is time for the women to retake control. With good men at their side, working together, peace, harmony and equality, could be restored in no time. Those in power are all part of the Cabal, just puppets obeying orders, prepared to say whatever it takes to keep the masses under control…[cont.]

Something worth Sharing! There is nothing more precious than life…VIVA LA VIDA!



Message from Mother Mary: The Dance of Love Back To Oneness ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 13 2013

Words I long to hear. Thanks!


danceoneness.13Mother Mary:

Throughout your history you have trained and hoped for this moment, the time of ultimate Love and Awakening. Well, my dears, you have turned the corner and the floodgates are opening and nothing can stop the torrent of Love-Rain coming down and around and flowing within. For you are the essence of Love and what else would be your outcome??

My dears, you deserve to take a rest now and then, to accommodate the influx of energies and to accommodate the immense changes in your bodies, for it is speeding up now and into a flurry of activity for your greater being, for the well-being of all – for the greater good of all – for all depends on the development and action of each beautiful Light Being that you are.

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Planetary alignment June 3013


Spiritual Alignment—Summer 2013—Grand Trine in Water Signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

“A spiritual awakening is powerfully indicated by astrological alignments in 2013, including a mid-summer celestial line-up of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in the flowing water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water signs revolve around feelings, which often serve as a bridge between our material aspirations and our spiritual yearnings—the sign of Cancer arouses spiritual feelings through home and family, Scorpio stirs spiritual connection through deep psychological exploration, and Pisces awakens our desire to transcend and be reunited with the Divine. Jupiter, which is oriented toward philosophy and spiritual teachings, brings us luck and expansion. Saturn, which is geared toward hard work, discipline, and the working out of karma, teaches important spiritual lessons. And Neptune mediates the energy of spiritual transcendence—although with Neptune, if higher energies are not channeled through spiritual avenues, escapism or self-deception may ensue. Neptune also blurs the boundaries between people, established structures, and ideas, and facilitates connections between people across the planet, currently via social media and the internet.

Along with the spiritual opening, ample opportunity to harness the power of water will be generated under the influence of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in water signs. The 3 planets will form a “grand trine” between June 11 and July 19, 2013. A grand trine is a triangular formation in the heavens that leads to ease and stability between the energies involved, in this case, between spirituality and philosophy (Jupiter), self-discipline (Saturn), and the oceanic feeling that connects you to your soul (Neptune).

According to Paramahansa Yogananda, spiritual teacher from India:

The sudden cataclysms that occur in nature, creating havoc and mass injury, are not “acts of God.” Such disasters result from the thoughts and actions of man. Wherever the world’s vibratory balance of good and evil is disturbed by an accumulation of harmful vibrations, the result of man’s wrong thinking and wrong doing, you will see devastation …

Shift of the Magnetic Poles
Additionally, in 2013, the magnetic poles of the earth will continue to shift toward reversal, keeping us in phase with the magnetic poles of the Sun, our central star, with which our planet resonates due to our inclusion in the “heliosphere.” The Sun’s magnetic poles already have reversed, according to the NASA website. The magnetic poles of the Earth are expected to follow suit. According to NASA, the last time the Earth experienced a magnetic pole reversal was approximately 740,000 years ago. Scientists have confirmed that the Earth’s magnetic north pole is moving at an accelerating speed from northern Canada toward Russia. ”


Casa Peralta : San Leandro, CA

Casa Peralta

Stumbled across this site in our (sister and I) recent trip to Northern California. We got there just in time, the amiable tour guide showed us around and highlighted some of the history behind this landmark. Enjoy some pics.


“The Casa Peralta is the City of San Leandro‘s historic house museum. Three descendants of the original land grant of Rancho San Antonio (ranging from the San Leandro Creek to the current-day City of El Cerrito) lived in the Casa. The home was remodeled in 1926 as a grand Spanish-style villa, with hand-painted tiles imported from Spain, that tell the story of Don Quixote.”

Best Regards,


The Tea House on Los Rios

It was a beautiful Sunday morning “the girls” , composed of four of my closest coworkers/friends, we celebrated a birthday never to forget. Overwhelmed by the history of the establishment, I couldn’t really think of anything else, except for the fact that we were enjoying a great cup of tea (and Hash Brown Quiche) like never before.

The Tea House on Los Rios:

“Building Relationships one cup at a time”

“Several years ago, Arianna Niccola Smith was taken to Tea by some of her closest friends. She and her friends were so impressed by the experience they made it their favorite spot whenever there was a special occasion. Arianna then invited her mom Claudia and sisters Shannon & Lisa to have Tea. It became a wonderful place to have quiet, enjoyable conversations. Claudia and her daughters became so delighted with the concept of “Tea” they began to dream of having their own Tea House...”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“The Tea House on Los Rios is located on the picture-perfect section of San Juan Capistrano. It is the oldest and the first street ever built in the town and it is best toured by foot. The Tea House is a throw-back in time and it has the intimate feeling of sitting in an old English Victorian parlor, but with a touch of California western style. It is a popular choice of locals for their weddings, anniversaries and other special events.”


Montanez Adobe : San Juan Capistrano

Montañez Adobe


San Juan Capistrano



“The replica of the bed within these walls is from the period 1788-1868, although made in mission workshops by Indians, most standing furniture shows Spanish influence and a charming disregard for straight lines, square corners and sharp edges and is reflective of both the Indian and Spanish culture.

Materials used in the furniture construction were only those that were readily available. The artisans of Spanish influence were quick to recognize the lasting quality and durability of the various woods nearby. As a result much of the wood used is either fir or pine. Although oak was available, the hardness of oak and the softness of the implements used to cut and shape the oak made it almost impossible to use.

Buffalo skins, horse hides or animal hides were used in strips in a cris cross manner over the bed frame. Straw, grass or animal skins were placed over this. Where skins were readily available, whole skins were used.

Furniture along the California coastal waters was first fashioned by ships carpenters from the Spanish ships. As Indians were taught to assist and apprentice to these Spanish artisans, the Spanish went to other channels of interest and left the mission woodworking to the Indians. “

Thank you,


What is Happenning in Istanbul?

This can not be ignored. We stand together!

İnsanlık Hali

To my friends who live outside of Turkey:

I am writing to let you know what is going on in Istanbul for the last five days. I personally have to write this because at the time of my writing most of the media sources are shut down by the government and the word of mouth and the internet are the only ways left for us to explain ourselves and call for help and support.

Last week of May 2013 a group of people most of whom did not belong to any specific organization or ideology got together in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. Among them there were many of my friends and yoga students. Their reason was simple: To prevent and protest the upcoming demolishing of the park for the sake of building yet another shopping mall at very center of the city. There are numerous shopping malls in Istanbul, at least…

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Northern California Trip

May 17, 2013… typical Friday, last minute madness at work, not sure if we could actually pull it off, check out a friends band (Moon Cadillac) perform…in Santa Cruz , California.

Also, for a couple of months I’ve been wanting to visit a family friend that now lives in San Leandro CA.

Car was ready, packs were made, and off we went. Embarking on a mini road trip, one that I will never forget.

Below are a few pics. Cheers.




My dream of seeing them live came true!! 🙂 got to see them this 2014 Vive Latino! Out of this world! Wow!

The only connection to home, was music. That’s what Jumbo was to me, a band that gave me inspiration during high school years and somehow allowed me reconnect with Mexico. It was also a way to escape into a different reality where both my worlds collided.

So rEvolutionary!

Below is a Vive Latino 2012 performance by Jumbo, ENJOY!


One of my recent obsession! love this tune!


May 9th Solar Eclipse


During this series of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio (from November 2012 to October 2014), we are learning about the balance. Circumstances may be such that we are pushed to see others’ values and to consider them rather than expect others share the same perspective as us; as well, we need to discover our own needs and values as individuals. Circumstances may be such that we are forced to take steps towards managing and handling our shared resources with others, our debts, or taxes more effectively; as well, we need to consider whether we are contributing our share and earning what we deserve. An intimate partnership may be left behind, or a source of money might end, and either of these situations pushes us to learn to depend on ourselves and to recognize that we don’t necessarily need these things to survive. Ultimately, we are now in a position to understand that changes or endings are necessary for our own growth, and that we can handle these things. This eclipse specifically, occurring in Taurus, is more about tending to the side of the equation that involves our own needs and happiness. It’s a time for investing, or reinvesting, in ourselves – our own talents, our own ability to provide for ourselves and dependents, and pursuing goals that we truly value. There is a focus on what we have built, and whether we need to clear the way for new projects and relationships, or whether we might re-commit to those things that we have been building…





Found this tune!!! RAD! Enjoy-

“Amores Perros”

Cover of "Amores Perros"

Amores Perros

Battle of Puebla

Don Benito Juarez


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo and the victory of the Battle of Puebla.



 Telepathy. A raising phenomenon increasing my awareness of spiritual awakening.

Many theories arose with the beginning of the cycle of “Peace on Earth” prophesied in the Mayan calendar.

December 21th, 2012.

“Harmonic Convergence of 2012”

This new cycle brings unification of energies and elements in the universe through synchronizations also known as Synchronotron.

I never really paid much attention to this phenomenon, primarily because it’s already overwhelming the fact that there are a plethora of divine manifestations through nature and different chain of events.

However, in recent months, I have experience situations in which friends would jokingly blur “you read my mind”…

For example, I would  be thinking of a friend that I haven’t talk to in a while…

“I wonder how/what she’s doing, maybe I should call her”

I call and they respond with,


We laugh it off, but then I am left with the awe of having made that connection.

I remember as a kid growing up watching cartoons like X-men and wanting to possess telepathy as my super power. I thought it was so cool to hear what animals and people were thinking. I questioned whether this was a good or bad thing?

I thought of the idea of being crystalline, being pure in love and good intentions was key to getting along better with others. No hiding anything, no lies. I think that being “good” is not only about doing good deeds, following rules or being a religious devotee, but also in though. Which, ultimately fuels one’s physical/exterior dimension.

what do you think? Have you noticed anything similar lately?



Sekta Core! VIDEO

Remember my last post on SEKTA CORE!?

Above is a little sample of their live performance @ The Airliner.

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*Sorry for the poor quality! 🙂 as you can see! that pit was intense! lol THX*


.:.Beach Boys.:. Historic Landmark

Beach Boys

I hear that tune and right away I am transported to some sort of  magical beach.

Now, some 20 years after, I am transported to the near city of Hawthorne, CA.


I was amazed at what I had in front of me, a monument dedicated to the Beach Boys…a historic landmark. Surreal,almost, for a minute I was speechless. I tried to visualized and imagined what it would have been growing up here.

How did their childhood influenced them to become the the most influential iconic legends of all time?


(As soon as I hear their guitars, the riffs, their melodic voices through my car speaker, I  imagine cruising along the pacific coast highway under the orage-magenta sunset…)

The Rabbit: Chinese Horoscope




Astute, Thoughtful, Refined, Docile, Wise. Cunning, Snobbish, Possessive, Fussy, Obsessive

Rabbits are people everyone likes to be around — Affectionate, obliging, and pleasant. However, can get too sentimental and sometimes seem superficial. They keep out of disputes, even if they have to turn a blind eye. Rabbits are emotional and even selfish when it comes to enjoying themselves, but they would never deliberately hurt anyone. Even though they seem quiet (and even unattentive), their intuition and intelligence gives them the diplomatic skills to distance themselves from bad situations. Well-groomed, mannered and always fashionable, the Rabbit’s conservative exterior hides a love for fun, which catches other people off guard. Rabbits excel at assessing a situation and providing a solution when the time is right. They are sensitive lovers, and seek a partner who can offer security in life.

The following occupations best suit the Rabbit personality.



Fire adds an unspoken magnetism and mystery to the Rabbit. These creatures have a burning desire to get out there and live life to its fullest. They are active and adventurous and love anything that sparks their creativity or curiosity. They can throw tantrums here and there, if provoked, but most of the time they work very hard to avoid conflict or unpleasant confrontations. Fire Rabbits are charming and tend to push their emotions into the backs of their minds, but will speak up if necessary.

Some notable Rabbits in these fields include Arthur Miller, Orson Welles, King Henry V, Confucius and Albert Einstein.

The Mastery of LOVE: Toltec Wisdom

The Mastery of Love, cards, by Don Miguel Angel Ruiz, has been inspiring and uplifting!