working on blog!

Thank you so much for those who have stopped by and checked out this space(blog). Catching up here!:-)

A little about me:

I am a student at Cypress College, this is my sixth year attending. I could already graduate with an Associate Degree, but I’m working towards transferring to a university and graduate with a marketing bachelors degree and a minor in International Business. But many of my comrades  can testify how rigorous and hard it is getting out there. Not to mention the RISE OF COLLEGE TUITION!!!

However, I feel education is key to our future! It is a hard road,  sometimes i can see why many  are so discouraged.Then I see some of my colleagues at work and i see that their investment in their education does payoff.

My question is? why isn’t there more money spent on education??? Why are there cuts in the arts, like music and art classes, i think those are fundamentals to an individuals education. Cultured students seem to always excel more in the “real world”.


Read below

The Value of Music Education in Schools






One thought on “working on blog!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am happy to comment that I have graduated from Cypress College with an associates degree in business administration! Spring 2012!! I DID IT!!!
    -Claudia Ojeda Rivera

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