Good day!

First time I saw LA POBRESKA was at a local restaurant in the city of Huntington Park.

First impression “this is different…” from there on, I was never going to be the same.

I started going to back yard shows when I was 15 years old. Looking back, I am surprised that my parents where cool about me going to these shows. They were down to drop me and pick me up, no matter how far they were, even if they were not “safe”areas. I remember going to punk/rock shows in Long Beach, Compton, Paramount, the furthest at that time was L.A South Central and South Gate/Lynwood.

I had never seen or been in a pit before, I had seen videos, but I never imagined how fun and good it felt to actually mosh it up.I fell in love with the up fast beat of the music and the way it made me not give a FUCK about anything. I was hooked to punk rock!

I grew into different branches of rock, started going to random, local punk, metal, hardcore, emo/screamo shows. I traveled all around,either to back yard shows,venues, festivals or whatever, I was there. Anywhere from L.A county/ Orange County, all the way to the Inland Empire.

Nevertheless, when I first heard La Pobreska, I was instantly hooked. What attracted me was their fresh, unique sound that mixed both the punk/hardcore/Metal, that I have been in love with, with ska/reggae. Not to mention all the other sounds that makes La Pobreska unique. Without a doubt, La Pobreska has made a sound of its own, which is also accompanied with their social and revolutionary messages. Their lyrics (like those of BLACKBALLED) convey relevant topics that affect our society, which I feel is a reason why La Pobreska keeps attracting more and more people all around.

I am very fortunate that I have been able to keep going to their shows. I see that they keep attracting the masses with their music. The pit keeps getting bigger and bigger, not to mention their wall of death 🙂

Their passion, dedication and love for their music can be seen, heard and felt at every show. It is a wild, crazy and awesome experience at every one of their shows, guaranteed!

Thanks La Pobreska for your music!

Jose – Vocals
Felipe – Drums
Memo – Guitar
Ivan – Bass
Azael – Tenor Sax
Marcos – Trombone
Johnny – Trumpet



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