I remember every Sunday waking up early to dress up for church. Also,on Sundays, I couldn’t wait to eat CAMOTE!.

There was  a guy who every morning would come down with a cart,like the one below, that sold CAMOTES.



I loved them sweet potatoes, especially with milk.

One Sunday morning, I was super excited about wearing my new dress, so excited that when I was sent out to get  camotes, I ran so fast…so fast, that this is what happened: (you gotta see it to believe it…)

Not pretty…Nevertheless, “el vendedor ambulante de camotes” and other street vendor, have transcended borders. It’s  a means of vending a product faster and to more consumers.Rather than staying at one location, the merchants can travel and go around an area.

Behind this vending, however, there is more than meets the eye. It meats the palate 🙂 !!!

Like in the article titled Esos intrépidos Camoteros en sus máquinas silbantes:

“[…] Los camoteros de la Ciudad de México ofrecen generalmente camotes de piel púrpura y pulpa blanca (Camotli, en nahuatl) pero los hay amarillos (Cozticamotli) y blancos (Iztacamotli). Salidos del horno, estos barrocos alimentos se sirven al consumidor con una cobertura que puede incluir leche condensada, mermelada, miel, chocolate o grajeas coloridas, dependiendo del precio, la preferencia de cada vendedor o del área que le toca cubrir, y con ello hay que notar que este alimento adoptó también elementos culinarios marcadamente europeos […].”

Sounds delicious, you gotta try at least once :-).



Comments appreciated ! Thank You!

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