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Spanish: habitational name from Ojeda in Burgos (Spain)province or from the valley of Ojeda in Palencia province, which is probably named with a reduced form of Latin folia ‘leaves’. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Jazinta de Ojeda, which was dated November 26th 1716, christened at Villapalacio, Albacete, Spain, during the reign of King Phillip V of Spain, Emperor of Mexico, 1700 – 1724


Spanish (Gutiérrez): patronymic from the medieval personal name Gutierre, from a Visigothic personal name of uncertain form and meaning, perhaps a compound of the elements gunþi ‘battle’ + hairus ‘sword’.

It is one of a group which were originally Germanic, and in this respect it could be said to date back to the 5th century a.d. At this time the Roman Empire who held Spain, was in a state of collapse, and into this vacuum came the German tribes known as the Goths, Huns and Vizigoths. This surname in Spain owes its origins to the Vizigoths. It derives from an ancient name ‘Gunthair’,  meaning ‘Battle-sword’.



Spanish: habitational name from any of the places named Rivera, a variant of Ribera.Italian: northern variant of the southern (especially Sicily) topographic name Ribera.Catalan: in some cases, variant of Catalan Ribera.

The Rivera surname can be traced back to Gonzalo López de Rivera, Lord of the Castle of Rivera in Galicia in the 1200’s. Some sources, however, claim that the Riveras are direct descendants of Sancho Belloso, natural-born son of the King of León, Ramiro III. Others, that the name dates back to ancient Roman times.

Spanish habitation surname. The origin of the surname can be traced directly to the Middle Ages. The earliest public record of the surname dates to the XIII century in the Valley de Mena (Burgos) in the Kingdom of Castile. The Peñas lived, originally, near a cliff or rocky land. Records indicate that the name derives from the Spanish word peña meaning “rock,” “crag” or “cliff.”[1]

The bearers of this surname proved their noble descent in the Order of Saint James of the Sword , Order of Calatrava, Order of Alcántara in the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Carlos III, in 1790 and 1838; and many times in the Royal Audiencia and Chancillería of Valladolid.


Burgos, España!

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