Anaheim Police Shooting Protest

State attorney general urged to probe Anaheim police shootings

What is going on?!! and here in the United States of America, the most “civilized” country in the world, this is still happening?? I’m so infuriated by these images!look for yourself:


Thanks to Washington Post for the following:

Video captured by a KCAL-TV crew showed a chaotic scene in which officers (ANAHEIM, CA.) fired beanbag rounds as some people ducked to the ground and others scattered screaming. A man is seen yelling at an officer even as a weapon is pointed at him; two adults huddled to shield a boy and girl. Meanwhile, a police dog ran into several people sitting on the grass, including a woman and a child in a stroller, before biting a man in the arm.

Dunn said the dog somehow got out of a patrol car and was “deployed accidentally.”


Comments appreciated ! Thank You!

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