Document 1

It is time for this caterpillar to fly
Metamorphosis, a butterfly to become
With wings that expand like my soul
Collective conscious expanding to the unknown
Collective love reign and I’m about to take control
Don’t care about the hate you carry forth
I’m only here to liberate what I feel, what I know
Seduction with words and to your ears and heart I will flow
“we are not alone!”
YOU are not alone!
I am not alone
I wondered for so long
But now I know
Is the spirit that lives on
activated key in our DNA to transform.
Fear not, this world won’t end
But a new cycle about commenced
Ancient depictions of the times to come
Unity of minds. Universal LOVE
soul and energy concentrated
we are all one
Our history, not in books
Burned down by men with guns
Our history lost
Chemical warfare,
holocaust of a race
bacteria covered blankets they gave
they Diminished their hope
With alcohol, liquor that killed the strong
Forced to follow sects
Fear is what they spread
Death to innocent
Victims of greed
Women raped
A cry that stills prevails
When will you care?
It’s never too late
A history untold
A hidden, dark past they wish to hide away
free your mind, and your spirit will fly
Fly high shaman, fly high warrior
The time is here, unite in soul
no book to guide your thought
Just an emotion guided by heart.

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