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R.I.P Mitchell Adam Lucker

It feels like it was just yesterday when I heard Suicide Silence for the first time! So inevitable  to nod your head back and forth! Never before had I felt the passion that Mitch, front man/singer, projected with his body and voice.  It was at a local venue in Anaheim CA. Chain Reaction, where I first got to see Suicide Silence live. The place is so small but yet so intimate that you can be able to be as close as the picture above. I remember saying Hi to him, high-fiving them as they got off stage.

But it wasn’t until the second time when I saw them perform at a local underground venue in downtown L.A, where I knew that Suicide Silence were going to make it BIG! There was no doubt that they would reach so many! “THEY ARE THE SHIT!!!” everyone in the scene claimed. And so, up there in a balcony where the band had their merch, there he was, Mitch. I said HELLO!, which he kindly responded with a nod and a Hi!.  He was so humble. I remember standing next to him over looking the band and crowd moshing below.  He was so focused, so concentrated, it was like he was silently proclaiming that one day SUICIDE SILENCE was going to “make it”, that one day they were going to play and reach the masses!

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to greet him, and blessed to have been part of the crowd that once rocked out with them.  You will forever be remembered and loved! R.I.P Mitch.



5 thoughts on “SUICIDE SILENCE!!!

  1. Laura Ojeda Rivera says:

    Wow….its a crazy to think thats life is to short…:( i remenber this show ..i willl never forget…those were the days at chain reaction.. were i shoot some of my first live shows…R.I.P MItch ….!!!!!!!!

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