Sekta Core!

Sekta Core! What started out as “for fun”, has now totally revolutionized the cities of  Los Angeles.  This dynamic band with multiple collaborations, has given rise to the underground ska, hardcore, punk, rock movement.

My first ska band I ever went to see perform was Matamoska, that was back in 2004. I went to other shows following that, the most popular venue to catch a show was The Allen Theater.   THAT was the place to go!!! Until one day it was closed down.

 For a while I dissipated in search for music performances, back yard shows, concert venues, etc. I lost touch with ska, and I ventured off to discover more music. However, in recent times, I have reconnected, reunited and reanimated myself with this genre of music, and I must say, I am loving it!!



I have been going to shows for some time now, not only do I get a jolt of energy attending, but I get to be around people that have a passion for music. This permeates me with excitement!! Each and every time the crowd gets bigger, diverse and intense ;-).  These talented musicians have strived to be the best for years, their success has elevated to the pinnacle of their music career. Now many look up to them as inspirational musical leaders of this genre.

I look forward in sharing some footage so one can get the taste of their talent.If you are in Los Angeles tonight! Come through!!


the Airliner Los Angeles Flyer

!! Claudia


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