Telepathy. A raising phenomenon increasing my awareness of spiritual awakening.

Many theories arose with the beginning of the cycle of “Peace on Earth” prophesied in the Mayan calendar.

December 21th, 2012.

“Harmonic Convergence of 2012”

This new cycle brings unification of energies and elements in the universe through synchronizations also known as Synchronotron.

I never really paid much attention to this phenomenon, primarily because it’s already overwhelming the fact that there are a plethora of divine manifestations through nature and different chain of events.

However, in recent months, I have experience situations in which friends would jokingly blur “you read my mind”…

For example, I would  be thinking of a friend that I haven’t talk to in a while…

“I wonder how/what she’s doing, maybe I should call her”

I call and they respond with,


We laugh it off, but then I am left with the awe of having made that connection.

I remember as a kid growing up watching cartoons like X-men and wanting to possess telepathy as my super power. I thought it was so cool to hear what animals and people were thinking. I questioned whether this was a good or bad thing?

I thought of the idea of being crystalline, being pure in love and good intentions was key to getting along better with others. No hiding anything, no lies. I think that being “good” is not only about doing good deeds, following rules or being a religious devotee, but also in though. Which, ultimately fuels one’s physical/exterior dimension.

what do you think? Have you noticed anything similar lately?




2 thoughts on “Is it TELEPATHY?

  1. C.O says:

    I can feel it!:-) thanks for sharing such deep though. Hope that you are well,salutations to you wherever you are at this precise moment, at this precise state. Cheers- Love Claudia.

  2. Frederic Vega says:

    When she is affected by increases in energy coming from Galactic Center, so are we. She is a living being undergoing her own process of growth and transformation.

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