The Tea House on Los Rios

It was a beautiful Sunday morning “the girls” , composed of four of my closest coworkers/friends, we celebrated a birthday never to forget. Overwhelmed by the history of the establishment, I couldn’t really think of anything else, except for the fact that we were enjoying a great cup of tea (and Hash Brown Quiche) like never before.

The Tea House on Los Rios:

“Building Relationships one cup at a time”

“Several years ago, Arianna Niccola Smith was taken to Tea by some of her closest friends. She and her friends were so impressed by the experience they made it their favorite spot whenever there was a special occasion. Arianna then invited her mom Claudia and sisters Shannon & Lisa to have Tea. It became a wonderful place to have quiet, enjoyable conversations. Claudia and her daughters became so delighted with the concept of “Tea” they began to dream of having their own Tea House...”

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“The Tea House on Los Rios is located on the picture-perfect section of San Juan Capistrano. It is the oldest and the first street ever built in the town and it is best toured by foot. The Tea House is a throw-back in time and it has the intimate feeling of sitting in an old English Victorian parlor, but with a touch of California western style. It is a popular choice of locals for their weddings, anniversaries and other special events.”



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