Dear Reader,

oh how i miss thee…

Hello all!!

It is with great happiness that i write this post on this lovely morning!

These past few weeks have been filled with blessings, great events, challenges, and great changes. I have had the pleasure of visiting so many local areas (which I cant wait to share pictures with you!). I just want to take this space, and a little of your time, to let you know that my commitment to share my world with you, strengths everyday. I think we are in a time that the internet and “free” communication rule cyberspace!   So much we can share…so much to love…so much to be aware of, and so many people to connect with. Now more than ever, I believe that we are in a time that is bringing forth great minds, great social movements, and great changes!!

One of those changes is getting my very own, and first, laptop!!! which will exponentially facilitate my communication with you. I have a about a week left before i go back to school, YIKESS!! I will follow up with a summary post of the highlights of my summer 2013!!!

I sincerely appreciate your interest, I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments,  as random as you might think they are, pleaaase, don’t hesitate and type away!!




one LOVE



Comments appreciated ! Thank You!

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