Mexico Day 2: Castillo De Chapultepec & Museum of Modern Art

Castillo De Chapultepec

The Castillo De Chapultepec was one of the most memorable sites I visited in Mexico City.

I had heard stories from my parents about their visit to Mexico Distrito Federal, when they were younger. They recounted their visit to the city and their experiences taking the metro. However, their accounts did not exalted the beauty of the Castillo de Chapultepec and its surrounding park. It is a patrimonial site in Mexico and a historical landmark in which the royal monarchy once reign. This castle was also the home and headquarters to many Mexican presidents and government officials.

The Castillo or Castle, is now a ghostly museum in which tales of period ghosts, like those of Maximilian I of Mexico and Carlota of Mexico, are said to remain roaming the long hallways.

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Museum of Modern Art (Mexico City)

The Museum of Modern Art  was located just a few minutes away from the castle. We were first greeted by the security and friendly facilitators that welcomed us to the museum. I was amazed by the decor, there was a conservative yet sophisticated atmosphere. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that this was Mexico.

The art displayed at this museum, shifted the way I correlated art and architecture. I feel that, in essence, art is life, life is creation.

I kept thinking to myself that the art displayed came from such creative minds, men and women. These artist were visionaries of a colorful and vivid world. I couldn’t grasp the concept of time. These pieces were timeless, there was no doubt that these artist were way ahead of their time.



It was truly a blessing to have had the opportunity to visit such sites. The below picture was taken at the exit of the Chapultepec Park. This was a memorable shot, I felt it was the perfect conclusion to our tour. Mexico is a country striving for development, they have such hard working and creative minds that continue to influence the city and its people.


This is one of my favorite shots. I was up on the second level, as I looked down, I noticed these workers on their break.


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