As I sit here…

I can’t help to recall my post looking forward to spring semester 2015.

I am sitting at my school’s lounge, drinking a Summer Wheat beer by Leinenkugel’s Brewing Company, (which, yes, it does smell like Fruity Pebbles!), TV is blasting Tom Brady’s scandal , and listening to Ariana Grande’s hit ! (…fuck me harder harder..ohh “LOVE me harder”).

The end of the semester has come! Finals week is here!! 

It has not been easy! Staying up late, taking days off to study, saying “NO” to so many events,and missing out on all the Long Beach FUN! However, I have learned so much about myself! I have discovered different aspects of my personality that I had never faced before. Fear, anger, sadness, happiness, excitement and hope have all been part of this wild roller coaster!!

I am forever grateful to have met the most interesting people during this semester, in and out from school. I have met people who have come into my life to enrich it and grow! I am inspired!!

I am looking forward to summer 2015!! (I would really like to learn how to swim!!) 😀

Thank you for keeping in touch and being part of this blog!

Claudia Ojeda


Comments appreciated ! Thank You!

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