DAVID BOWIE – Spaceman

January 10th, 2016 has marked the music world and those that were inspired by the incomparable, David Bowie.



Many people around the world have been, in a way or another, captured by the allure of such an artist and individual. His fashion and style made him one of a kind, and his music conveyed magical escapes to another world, to other galaxies, and dimensions.

I can recall hearing “Space Oddity” for the first time, I thought to myself, “who is this new artist?” not knowing that it was David Bowie. I only knew of him as a fashion icon, a super good looking guy that wore the most intricate, eye catching clothing, including dresses. I admired his look, and his unique beauty.

Suddenly, I was hooked trying to find more of his music. David Bowie was so eclectic, he could sing any genre of music, including this special Christmas tune…

Interestingly enough, (and thinking about it, sort of weird) earlier today my family and I were watching the movie “The Martian“, when I distinctly heard Bowie’s voice. I asked “is that David Bowie?!”, to which my brothers confirmed by responding with a “Yes!”. Here the tune “Starman”!!

It is heartbreaking that David Bowie had to depart so soon, may he rest in peace! My sincere condolences to the whole family, to his fans, and the whole music world. David Bowie left us with timeless music and memorable iconic moments that serve as a testament of his raw talent.

With all my love and respect,




Comments appreciated ! Thank You!

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