Changes & Transformations

Murales_Rivera_-_Markt_in_Tlatelolco_32014 has been a year, that without a doubt, has transformed me. With spring here, as the flowers blossom, so have I, in a way that is almost surreal to me.

I am in awe to think that this is the month of April, when I clearly remember a few months back writing about my future adventures on the horizon.

It was a privilege to have recently visited Mexico City and partake in a four day musical festival known as VIVE LATINO !! The experiences from our departure from Los Angeles, California, all the way to the biggest city in Mexico, Mexico Distrito Federal, gave my friends and I laughs to last us a lifetime! It was an experience that I will never forget, it has given me so much drive to grow, gave me a new way of appreciating the beautiful things in my life. My recent trip was a potent dosage of inspiration, enlightenment, and rejuvenation.

I feel changed, I feel that no matter what my circumstances are, there is always hope for the better, and I must believe it myself!

Going to Mexico City was once a faint dream, an idea, a plan that turned into a reality through discipline, vision, and passion. I hope to share a few pictures of my trip with you soon!


Yours truly,

Claudia Ojeda



Comments appreciated ! Thank You!

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