“Things Happen For a Reason”

Or so I’ve heard…

But when one opens up to it, and welcomes it, things DO happen. Changes, transformation, inexplicable events start occurring and connecting. Surreal how this works, no real explanation, just a feeling of change within, changes that in someways have elevated me to another level of (to what some call) consciousness.

What some people don’t know, is that I started to get interested in the metaphysical world in high school, but I have experience a series of events, that have manifested to me, and  I feel compelled to share whatever it is that makes me say ” OH MY G*D…this is CraZY”…

Not too long ago, I watched a video about sacred geometry and crop circles

Then I heard a song from THE MARS VOLTAMetatron“, not knowing what it meant, I searched for the meaning of the word, and, little did I know that Metatron is an archangel.

Angel, State of Being and Quantum Reality […] Archangels are the supreme movements in the angelic symphony of intelligent radiation. They define and execute the sacred geometry within our DNA that is constantly enfolding patterns into patterns of light-mathematics, transforming old worlds into new ones within the crystals of our star-born light.

Something within me “turned on”, and I knew I wasn’t the only one, actually I realized that there are scientist, researchers, ancient writings and countless testimonies that back all this. That feeling of “something is going on, something big, we can’t see it, but it’s happening”, that all just summed up when I was reading about Metatron. What “did it” for me, was when a close friend of mine, who had returned from a trip to Israel, came back with a present for me. To my awe, and surprise it was an art piece, exactly like the one below:  see the likeness, was it a message, a divine intervention or a simple…





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