Computer L.O.V.E

It all started with a broken compact disk inside my computer’s CD drive.

The last thing I wanted, was for my parents to find out about it. I was trying to avoid them from finding out that the computer was not working.

I figured that the easiest and best thing to do, was to open the desktop, retrieve the broken CD, and hoped for my computer to run!

I dismantled the desktop, took out all the broken CD pieces, then I somehow managed to put it all back together (I only had two extra screws! lol). In a matter of minutes my computer was up and running!!

Anyways, my parents never found out I took the computer apart, but I probably saved them a few bucks instead of going to a technician.

From that moment on, I knew that my passion for video games, was only a mirage for my passion for computers!

I remembered in middle school using computers to create animated figures, write codes, and so many other applications that were really cool to me.

Long story short, in high school, I interned for a huge corporation. What attracted me about the internship was that it involved tasks using computers.

I got the internship in my junior year of high school! That was in 2004! Today 2015, eleven years after that spark of inspiration, I love, admire, and respect the power of computers. There are other things that scare me, and that make me uneasy about this grand power that computers have. Not only are they helpful for tasks that use to take longer periods of time to complete, but they are also key to the development of any society.

I am grateful to the teachers and visionaries that have passed on their knowledge and passion for computers. Because of their dedication and faith, I am here, blogging away, sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. I don’t know who is reading this, or if anyone at all will read this. But one thing is for sure, this post is now forever in cyberspace.

Thank you,

Claudia Ojeda Rivera




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