First Tycho song I heard was “Hours”, I fell in love as soon as I heard this tune.

I couldn’t stop listing to this song for soo very long. It somehow took me to another place, I almost felt like I was flying over the ocean and trees. I was instantly rejuvenated, I felt in peace, but somehow I also excited!

Tycho’s sound is unique, it is an instrumental fusion of synthetic sounds with a melodic and electrifying guitar. Also, Tycho incorporates energetic drum beats and groovy bass riffs that without a doubt give Tycho their signature sound. Not to mention their amazing art work that links both their music and style.

Today I stumbled across these couple of videos from KCRW Live session:

“Awake”, this tune made my day! 😀

Tycho is a band that I really admire and respect.



Comments appreciated ! Thank You!

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